Peter Bremers

In many non-Western cultures it is customary to perform small daily rituals to pay homage to nature, ensure good harvests, propitiate the weather gods, pacify the ocean or give thanks to Mother Earth through music and dance. In the Western world, it would appear that our sense of intimacy with nature and wonder at its beauty is being submerged amid mounting anxiety about global warming and the dramatic impact of climate change.

We see the natural world as something separate from ourselves; exploit its gifts without restraint for economic gain, and by doing so turn it from an age-old friend into a hostile force. We show little trace of gratitude and seem to forget that we are ourselves an intricate part of nature.

I can only say that, for me, the overwhelming emotion I felt when a mother whale with her calf swam alongside our boat and looked me long and hard in the eye was a life-changing experience. As was my sense of insignificance in the face of the savage energy of the oceans and of delight at the sight of yet another majestic sunrise over a landscape of drifting icebergs, the Creators own magnificent sculpture park.






Perception V `12
33" x 32" x 4"

Circumstances IV
29x31x6 inches

Traveling XI
57x36x8 cm

Traveling V 2012
30" x 16" x 5"

Traveling XI-`14
27" x 32" x 4"

Traveling X 2014
57x57x12 cm

Traveling VIII -2013
26" x 26" x 4"

24" x 32" x 4"