Linda Cosgrove

My paintings reflect the permanence of antiquity in our contemporary world. I have developed a technique and style that allow me to honor artisitc tradition, while distancing my work from certain preconceived notions of what is sacred. I prefer not to explain my paintings to the viewer so as to allow each individual to experience them on a more personal level and thus make possible a uniue interpretation





Chambered Nautilus with Frogs & Serpents
24x48 in. oil on board

Still life Capuchin
16x20 in. oil on board

36x48 in. oil on board

Still Life with Putti
48x60 in. oil on canvas

8x10 in. oil on copper

Madonna Parody 2 and 3
5x12 in. oil on board

Skull with Grapes
10x12 in. oil on copper

Grano Homage to Rembrandt and UVA
24x72 in. oil on board