Zak Timan

Inspired by Calder, I had a vision of a floating mobile. The vision held my mental eye captive. When I started producing them I found that they had the same effect in a concrete form. That is, the revelation of livingness. Unlike the work of Calder and Mondrian, who were focused on movement to reveal livingness, my work, relatively, is quite still. In some ways this work is an extension of theirs. In other ways it is a reversal, or dissolution. In it, I intend to realize a more subtle, or essential quality of energy- the energy before movement, before color and shapes. Where mobiles are at energy’s effect, potentials are at source. I am creating sculpture that literally has energy stored in it versus showing the energy that is around (mobiles don’t hold energy, they reveal the energy already in space).

The sculpture actually contain a quantifiable amount of energy that can be calculated via a derivation of Hook’s Law and the equation for potential energy, the energy of position. It is this energy of what is about to happen that gives the work its brimming quality. I call it Potential Sculpture because it allows us to see the energy inherent in stillness, something so many of us have forgotten in this busy culture focused on doing and doing and doing – our “culture kineticism”. This work is here to remind us all of the wild, expansive and incalculable potential inherent in each moment.





Rachel's Dream
2014 11x11x3

Rhapsody in Red (detail)
2013 40x9x4 in. Oil, glass, steel brackets

2013 34x7x3 Oil, glass air, steel brackets

Caravan (detail)
2013 34x7x3 Oil, glass air, steel brackets

2012 29x6x4 Glass, oil, air, 13 species of birds eggs

Stardust (detail)
2012 29x6x4 in. with frame Glass, oil, air, 13 species of birds eggshells, monofilament, silver, steel brackets.

2012. 14x6x3 Oil, glass cork, silver chain, steel brackets

Tospsy (detail)
2012 14x6x3 Oil, glass, cork, silver chain, steel brackets

Jumpin' At The Belvedere (detail)
2012 7x9.5x1 ft. Blown glass, flameworked glass, oil, air, mixed media