Brian Huber

My earlier 20+ career as a corporate event designer and operating an international event production company prepared me for designing and completing complex large scale construction and installation projects on time and on budget. I have mastered the design, fabrication and installation of both large scale and intimate designs utilizing a wide array materials and technology. Projects have been completed both indoors and out in a wide assortment of challenging and unconventional venues. Most projects were designed and produced for Viacom, Paramount Television, Buena Vista Television, KingWorld, CBS and Lifetime Television.

I started focusing on fine art six years ago with the goal to produce abstract paintings at a large scale. Early on I was invited to be a visiting artist at Stanford University. I produce 25 large scale works for the multi-story lobbies and public spaces in three of the Computer Science and Nano Science buildings on the Stanford campus.

My upcoming shows include pieces at the ArtRooms during the London Art Fair in January 2017 and display at the Palm Springs Art Fair in February 2017. A solo show is scheduled in San Miguel de Allende Mexico in April of 2017.

As I have perfected my use of materials and technique the transfer to larger public pieces with an eye towards durability will not be an issue. My current body of work includes monolithic round panels up to 10” in diameter. I have proposed projects with multi panel construction up to 24” and 36” in length. Larger scale is possible and the materials are not constricted to large scale installations.





Midnight Sun | 48"x48"

Billowing Haze | 20"x20"

Pontchartrain | 23" Round

In the Parish | 47" Round

Lake Bourgne | 47" Round

Runoff | 47" Round

Searsucker | 36" Round

Turning to the Sun | 20"x60"

Signal from Afar | 48"x48"